Fashion Law

Fashion law is a unique practice area that combines the law and fashion, bridging the two disciplines to provide a comprehensive approach to the legal issues in the fashion industry. Fashion law typically involves the play of copyright, trademark, patent, trade dress, and design law. There is an inherent need to focus on a variety of legal issues that arise in the design, production, marketing, and sale of clothing, accessories, and other fashion items. A Fashion law practice will involve protecting the rights of designers and stakeholders, enforcing contracts and protecting trade secrets, as well as resolving disputes between designers, retailers, and other industry stakeholders.

What we offer?

  • We are one of the leading Fashion Law firms in India.
  • We have a deep understanding of the legal issues that arise in the fashion industry and possess the ability to navigate the legal landscape in the creative way.
  • We have significant experience in advising and representing domestic and international designers and other stakeholders towards protection of their intellectual property rights as also protecting themselves from “Fashion Piracy” which is a practical reality.
  • We periodically engage with the fashion community in India to educate them on the importance of protecting their intellectual Property as also the various steps involved towards achieving the protection.
  • We advise fashion startups on the steps involved in protecting their intellectual property and enhance their brand value.