For us at Fidus, giving back to society is one of the cornerstones of the firm.

Our outreach programs are about passion, inclusion, community service and growth.

From our academic outreach to our work with a variety of NGOs, Fidus is consistently educating, helping, empowering.

In its commitment to support expanding the reach of legal education and training beyond university classrooms, to encompass all stakeholders and create awareness at the school level, members of Fidus are engaged in a variety of academic outreach programmes. Some key ongoing initiatives are listed below:

  • Designing and delivering police training programmes in association with CIPAM (Cell for IPR Promotion and Management) under Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India.
  • Conducting Judicial Trainings at the Delhi Judicial Academy.
  • Conducting Custom trainings in partnership with REACT.
  • Developing IP materials and conducting IP awareness programmes for school children in partnership with CIPAM and INTA (International Trademark Association).
  • Every year, the members of Fidus identify a charity to which the firm contributes in cash or kind in lieu of gifts and cards in the holiday season.

  • Designed and produced corporate gifts out of raw silk in partnership with Bhopal Rehabilitation, a non-profit that assists and rehabilitates the survivors of the Bhopal Gas leak tragedy by making them self-reliant and self-employable in the leather, jute and silk small-scale industries.
  • Supported the efforts of Samarpan Foundation to sustain the families of prisoners of Tihar Jail, the largest prison complex in South Asia.
  • Contributed in cash and kind to Goonj, a non-profit working in disaster relief and humanitarian aid, for the relief and rehabilitation of areas affected by natural disasters in India.
  • We also have an ongoing partnership with IDIA, a non-profit aimed at empowering underprivileged students through legal education.

    Fidus has provided/ continues to provide pro-bono and/ or low bono legal advice to the following initiatives and organisations:

  • Community Empowerment Lab: A global health research and innovation organization focussed on developing and evaluating multidisciplinary, integrated, and innovative solutions for maternal, newborn, and child health, and taking them to scale.
  • Freedom Firm: An organization working to create awareness and action against human trafficking and prostitution.
  • Aarambh: An NGO working towards spreading awareness on issues such as child sexual exploitation, civil society training and education.
  • Freagles of India, a trust working towards the rehabilitation of laboratory rescued beagles.
  • Jagori, an organization committed to raise awareness about domestic violence, health, education, development and other issues critical for women´s individual and collective empowerment.
  • 1947 Partition Archives, an organsiation committed to the preservation of the collective history of India and Pakistan.
  • Political Leaders Coalition For Child and Adolescent Health, an organization working towards developing a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about Tuberculosis.
  • We also offer Pro Bono Litigation support and have initiated public interest litigation on a number of issues of access, ranging from healthcare to information.