IP Enforcement (Online and Offline)

Intellectual property (IP) protection is a crucial aspect of the modern business landscape, as companies invest significant amounts of time and money in creating and marketing their products and brands. However, counterfeit goods and online piracy threatens the businesses and their profit margin, that is where our enforcement team comes in, which is a mix of IP lawyers, online analysts and investigators.

Our team has extensive experience in conducting both civil and criminal raids in domestic markets to combat counterfeit products. Before taking action, our investigators conduct thorough research on the specific market, looking at everything from the types of products being sold to the methods used by counterfeiters. This helps us to develop effective strategies to combat their counterfeiters.

One of the keys to our success is the understanding of the technological advancements used by experienced counterfeiters. This is a critical aspect of our strategy, planning, and execution, as we can anticipate the practises that counterfeiters might use to evade detection and develop strategies to counter them. This includes everything from investigations, market surveys to online investigations and our team is constantly updating their knowledge base to stay ahead of the curve.

Our robust online enforcement practice handles all aspects of protecting our clients' intellectual property online, from designing an enforcement program, detecting online threats, and following them through to enforcement. We use a variety of tools and techniques (all developed in house and fine-tuned to each client) to identify and take down online counterfeiters, including sending take down notices to intermediaries, and marrying the online and offline investigations to take action against counterfeiters who may be operating in both spectrums.

In summary, we are one of the few IP law firms who have an enforcement team protecting our clients' intellectual property rights both in physical and online marketplace. We have extensive experience in conducting raids, investigating markets, and working with customs authorities to detect and destroy counterfeit goods. Our team is constantly updating their knowledge base to stay ahead of the curve and develop effective strategies to combat counterfeiters. Whether it's physical markets or online platforms, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible protection against counterfeit products.