IP Litigation and Disputes

Our team of lawyers are qualified and regularly practice before the District and High Courts in India, as well as the Indian Supreme Court and various quasi judicial authorities. We provide comprehensive pre-litigation assessments and strategic advice, which includes conducting a thorough review of evidence and determining the feasibility of initiating litigation. With our vast experience in IP litigation, our lawyers can tailor solutions that are unique to each case/client, taking into account various factors such as the industry and type of IP involved, as well as the size of the client’s business.

Being a boutique IP law firm, our lawyers have extensive experience in litigating a broad range of IP disputes, including trademark and trade dress infringement, passing off, unfair competition, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, designs, product disparagement, trademark dilution, and breach of confidentiality. We have the expertise to manage disputes with cross-border implications and supervise multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Our track record of favorably resolving litigations for our clients is impressive, and we achieve this through a range of approaches such as pursuing a case for settlement, pursuing mediation, moving for summary judgment, or taking the case to a speedy trial. We have collaborated with consumer survey experts on a wide range of issues in trademark litigation.

Our team also handles and represents clients in filing domain name complaints before UDRP and INDRP. Our expertise in domain related issues enables us to provide tailored solutions that protect our clients' interests.

In summary, our team of IP litigation lawyers has a wealth of experience and expertise in handling a wide range of IP disputes. We provide end to end solutions starting from comprehensive pre-litigation advice to favorably resolving litigations for our clients.